Become a SORA Validator
Help ensure the success of SORA and earn rewards by becoming a validator.

Be a part of the SORA ecosystem and earn rewards

The SORA network is completely decentralized, and relies on community members to run nodes. Validator nodes will be responsible for making blocks in the network. To help ensure the success of Polkaswap, we require community support in running validator nodes on the SORA network. Hosting a validator node is fairly straightforward - but it does have technical requirements, as well as a risk-reward profile that must be carefully considered. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
Machine with Linux, Windows or macOS
Docker - follow install guide
At least 64GB RAM
160GB free space
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
Uptime of 99.9%
Not all those who register on the network to become validators will necessarily make blocks. If the competition is high and there are more than the maximum number of possible active validators for one epoch, then those validators with the most XOR will most likely participate in the actual validation. In this case, the de-facto minimum stake for an active validator will increase automatically. Validators are selected using Polkadot’s Phragmen Method.
Your hard work won’t go without reward. Those who run validator nodes will receive rewards in the form of VAL tokens. With the SORA network:
  • Rewards will be distributed in the form of VAL tokens
  • The total supply of VAL will start at 100 million and go down over time, because VAL will be burned with every transaction on the SORA v2 network
  • A portion of the burned tokens is then re-minted and distributed to validators and stake nominators, in accordance with the reward rules.
  • VAL token holders can group together in DAO structures and vote to allocate liquidity on Polkaswap; the liquidity they allocate comes from half the margin in the SORA token bonding curve. Learn about the token bonding curve here.
  • SORA network VAL token will be used to incentivize validators. It will be available after SORA mainnet launch. Until then, you can find Ethereum representation of the VAL token using Etherscan
The sooner you start your validator node, the better your rewards will be. If you’re interested in helping secure the future of SORA and Polkaswap, and earning rewards in the process, click here.
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