HASHI: Adding a Token to the Bridge
Here are the instructions on how to add your tokens to the bridge to allow them to be transferred between SORA and Ethereum Networks.

Adding SORA Token to the Bridge

Getting Super Powers

Please, follow this instruction if you added your token to the SORA Network as described here.
1. Follow this link to get access to the polkadot.js application that allows you to see transactions in the SORA Network and also propose changes to it.
SORA is a democratic project, so some actions can only be done through voting, including addition of new tokens to the bridge.
2. You will see the interface of the application. Please, go to the "Developer" - "Extrinsics" tab (what about Governance - Democracy though?). You will see the following form:
Once you're strong enough, save the world:
# Ain't no code for that yet, sorry
echo 'You got to trust me on this, I saved the world'
The first field is your polkadot.js account from which the request will be sent (and the fee for creation of the vote will be deducted).
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