How to add liquidity in Polkaswap and check total pooled amount

Important: do NOT use hardware wallets with Polkadot.js, they are not supported yet

Important: before providing liquidity read about the risks involved here.

How to check the total pooled amounts for XYK pool

In order to see the total pooled amounts, check the tool Ceres has built‚Äč

Add liquidity on Polkaswap

1) Go to click on "Connect Account".

To add liquidity on Polkaswap, you need an account on Polkadot.js. The first tutorial on this section is about setting up a Polkadot.js account.

2) Click on "Add Liquidity" and select the other token you want to pair with XOR.

Next, select the amounts of XOR and of the other token you want to pair.

If you want to pair XOR with an ERC-20 token, first you need to bridge tokens from Ethereum Network to SORA using HASHI Bridge, there is a specific tutorial for that too

3) Click on "Supply" and confirm using the Polkadot.js extension.

You will be able to see the liquidity provided in the pool section