How to Claim Nominator and Validator Rewards
Important: when a nominator or the validator himself claims rewards, those are sent to all the accounts that have received a reward, so it is enough that one person claims for everyone. This may be the reason why you often don't see any reward on the website
1) Go to polkadot.js , click on "Network" and then "Staking".
Make sure you are connected to the SORA Network, you should see the logo at the top left.
2) Click on "Payouts".
If there is a staking reward for you to claim, you should see them, as in the picture below
3) Click on "Payout" and then follow the proposed flow.
Once completed, sign with the extension as proposed
Please note that Polkadot.js supports only one asset for the network, that's why it shows XOR, but actually it's VAL.
Rewards expire after 84 eras. On SORA, that's about 21 days.
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