How to Claim Vested Strategic PSWAP Rewards and LP Fees
⚠️Important: At the moment, this tutorial can only be used to claim fees earned as a liquidity provider, vested strategic rewards for buying from the TBC, and vested rewards for market makers.⚠️
Currently, the rewards for the first strategic incentive program are being accumulated, but you can't see or claim them. Keep in mind that these rewards are accumulating and counted, and you will be able to claim them later.

How to claim LP fees, vested rewards for buying from TBC and vested rewards for market makers

Rewards are calculated every 14400 blocks (~ 24 hours), so please be patient.
1) To claim rewards, go to
2) You can select which rewards to claim using checkbox (because of batch transactions, it's cheaper to claim them one by one)
3) Click "Sign and claim", then sign the transaction
4) The rewards are sent to your wallet, check your wallet activity
Last modified 3mo ago