How to create an account and send funds on the SORA Network

When you're making a swap, please consideri first of all to check tokens ID, you can find the official one at the dedicated section of the Wiki

Important: do NOT use hardware wallets with Polkadot.js, they are not supported yet

1) Download the Polkadot.js extension on your browser and create an account (Skip this step if you already have Polkadot.js extension installed). After installing the extension, you should see the orange and white Polkadot{.js} logo in the menu bar of your browser.

Click on the logo and follow the procedure. Remember to save the 12-word mnemonic phrase safely, as it is the only way to restore that account if you somehow lose access to it.

Set a name, a password and leave the "Allow use on any chain" option as proposed by the extension.

2) Go to the account section and click "Connect an account"

3) To send a transaction, go to the account section.

If you don't see the token you want to send, click on "Add token". Then click on "Send" and follow the suggested flow

Disclaimer: you can't send or receive transactions to the Ethereum network from the account section. If you want to move tokens to the Ethereum network, you have to use HASHI, as explained in the next tutorial.