How to use Sorascan or check funds on Polkadot.js website


1) Go to

2) Open polkadot.js, make sure you have selected SORA Network, you should see the SORA logo in the upper left.

3) In order to copy the address, click on the small logo as shown in the picture below, the address must start with "cn..."

4) Paste it in Sorascan and see the results

Checking balance on Polkadot.js Website

1) Go to SORA polkadot.js

Click on "Developer" and then "RPC calls"

Select assets → freeBalance(accountid,assetid) fill in AssetID and press "Submit RPC call"

This is the expected output. In this case, the VAL amount has been checked (look at AssetID)

Unfortunately, Polkadot.js supports only one asset for the network, that's why it shows XOR, but actually, it's asset that you asked - PSWAP, VAL, ETH, or DAI..

Letter before XOR shows the following:

k = x 1000

M = x 1000000

B = x 1000000000

m = / 1000

So, the shown amount is 80.434mXOR = 0.080434 VAL