SORA Network -> Ethereum Network Transactions

Scenario 1)

Ethereum transaction is pending/it's failed and the transaction hash does not show up in etherscan after some time.
In this case, most likely when you bridged your tokens you had selected a wrong Network on Metamask (as Binance Chain or Matic Network).
To be sure, check the transaction hash in a explorer that support those networks.

Scenario 2)

You're bridging tokens from SORA Network to Ethereum, one of the two part (SORA or Ethereum transaction) failed or it is pending and now you don't see anymore your funds.
First of all try check "History" in the "Bridge" section in Polkaswap and click retry. If this is not possible, wait about ~1 hour to see if your funds will be visible again in your wallet.
If the problem persists, there is a dedicated guide to follow to unstuck your funds
If anything doesn't help, please join chat to report the issue
Last modified 4mo ago
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