SORA Kusama Parachain Crowdloan
Crowdloan details:
SORA Parachain ID: 2011
Contributions Open: January 20, 2022

SORA Kusama Crowdloan Rewards

To reward contributors, 5000 XOR have been minted and will be distributed as follows:
  • 9,363,480 PSWAP; these rewards will be vested
  • 676,393 VAL; these rewards are also vested
  • 77,050 XSTUSD; these rewards are vested as well
  • 500 XOR will be distributed proportionally to contributors, with full distribution occurring at the start of rewards vesting
The PSWAP, VAL, and XSTUSD tokens bought will be vested and subsequently distributed as rewards to crowdloan contributors, while the remaining 500 XOR will be distributed unvested. Total rewards distributed will depend on the amount raised and will be divided proportionally, based on contributions; a hard cap of 100,000 KSM is anticipated.
Vesting of rewards will be done linearly, every day, starting from the update of the SORA network that begins reward vesting, and ending at approximately the expiration time of the SORA Kusama parachain lease. Reward claiming will be available via the Rewards tab in You can also use your crowdloan contribution rewards as they are released to get even more rewards on Polkaswap, such as the strategic bonus Liquidity provision, TBC, and Market Maker rewards!
In addition, a special NFT will be distributed for the top 100 contributors of the Crowdloan. The NFT was designed in collaboration with RMRK and will be compatible with Kanaria birds.
Please note that contributors from exchanges will not be eligible for this RMRK NFT.
Last but not least, Ceres will provide an additional prize of 10,000 DEO (Demeter) tokens in total, with two DEO (Demeter) tokens per KSM for the first 5000 KSM contributed to the SORA crowdloan. More info here.
Please note that contributors from exchanges will not be eligible for DEO tokens.

How to access the SORA Kusama Crowdloan

Currently, the following wallets and exchanges have announced support for the SORA crowdloan:


What is a Parachain? Why is it useful for SORA?

This question has been answered in detail in a Medium article that you can find here.

When will the SORA Kusama Crowdloan start?

The Crowdloan will start on the 20th of January 2022.

How can I prepare for the incoming Crowdloan?

Users who want to contribute to the SORA Kusama Crowdloan must have unlocked KSM. The KSM unbonding period is 7 days, so it is recommended to unstake your KSM already.

How can I contribute through Polkadot.js?

Please refer to this official tutorial.

What is Bifrost SALP?

Bifrost SALP aims to provide parachain KSM/DOT voters with the vsKSM/vsDOT and vsBond derivatives assets. vsKSM/vsDOT can be traded in an AMM at any time during the period that KSM/DOT is used for parachain lock-in, and also for DeFi applications such as Liquidity Farming.
You can read more information here.

I still have questions, who can I ask?

Please join the official Telegram group. Always be careful of scammers and people sending you private messages offering support or help.
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