SORA Wallet Mobile App
SORA Wallet: Polkaswap is a unique application you can download on Android and iOS.
Download the SORA Wallet for Android here and for iOS here.
The SORA Wallet allows you to safely store your SORA Network tokens on your smartphone, in a fully decentralized and non-custodial way.
Currently, all the native tokens of the SORA Network: XOR,VAL, PSWAP, DAI, ETH... are supported.
To see them in the app, click the icon in the top right as shown below and then search for and select the tokens you want to see.
Furthermore, you can swap tokens on Polkaswap directly from your smartphone, enabling you to trade with style and freedom even on mobile. Polkaswap will be available soon on the iOS version.
Currently, the governance (Parliament) and Staking features are under development and they will be available in the app soon.
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