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Hermes DAO

Hermes (HMX) is the native token of the Hermes DAO, a decentralized investment fund for cryptocurrency assets (tokens, coins, NFT, etc.) managed by the Hermes DAO Parliament and the community. The fund is primarily used for investments in existing crypto projects and projects in early stages. It is an ideal balance between a hedge fund and high risk investment venture capital with constant and stable returns.

Hermes DAO Governance

The Hermes DAO Governance platform is a tool to implement the concept of decentralization in the Hermes DAO. Any Hermes (HMX) token holder above the set limit of tokens can create a poll. Likewise, all voters holding more Hermes (HMX) tokens than the specified minimum have the same voting power. Each wallet's vote counts as one vote. This form of governance brings a greater degree of democracy.