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Nodes Connection


SORA is a decentralized network. This means that anyone can run a node and send transactions to this node. Anyone is able to run a sync, archive or validator node. The Polkaswap application supports node selection features. To be precise: You can select a node in the Polkaswap user interface without any additional development. You can also specify a custom node, except the predefined application nodes.

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We recommend using the SORA testnet for practice exercises. Here are the Testnet links:

  1. Polkaswap test application
  2. Polkadot js SORA testnet application
  3. Android testnet application
  4. iOS testnet application

In the practice section, we'll be switching between different nodes.

Switch Node

Via Polkaswap

It's really easy to switch between different nodes. You can switch nodes on the status footer at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Click the Node Connected status:

    You will then see the node you are connected to.

  2. Click on Select Network Node to switch the node:


    If you'd like to add your own node, create a pull request in the Polkaswap GitHub repo..

    • If you'd like to switch nodes to one of the predefined ones, then just click on the radio button near the node that you'd like to work with. The connection to the node will then be checked. If everything is fine, the node will be switched.

    • If you'd like to use a custom node, click the Add custom node button. Enter a node name (whichever name you like) and address, then click Add custom node:

Wrong Network Error

If you try to add a node from a different network, then you'll get an error. In the example below we tried to add a Mainnet node on the Testnet. The application checks the genesis block hash before switching to the node.