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In the context of SORA, pallets play a crucial role in the development of the network and its associated applications. SORA is a decentralized autonomous economy (DAE) built on the Substrate framework, and it utilizes Substrate's pallets to implement its specific functionalities and features.

By leveraging Substrate's pallets, SORA can customize its blockchain runtime to meet its unique requirements and design principles. These pallets enable SORA to incorporate key functions such as token management, decentralized governance, bridges to other networks, liquidity provision, and more.

Developers working on SORA can refer to the Substrate documentation to understand the underlying concepts and usage of pallets. This knowledge will aid them in effectively utilizing the pallets within the SORA ecosystem, customizing them to fit the unique requirements of SORA.

To delve deeper into the connection between pallets and SORA, developers can also refer to the Rust documentation (rustdoc) for the SORA pallets. Currently, there are two Rust projects being developed: SORA Mainnet and SORA Parachain.

The Rust documentation for Mainnet is automatically updated with every contribution made to the master branch, providing the latest information and guidelines on working with the SORA pallets. Currently, the documentation for both SORA Mainnet and SORA Parachain is hosted on GitHub Pages.

By combining the power of Substrate's pallets with SORA's vision for a decentralized economy, developers can contribute to building a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that facilitates economic growth, collaboration, and financial inclusivity.