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XOR (天)

XOR is the network utility token used for transaction fees (gas). 50% of the fee is burnt, while the other 50% is used for validators. XOR has elastic supply managed by a token bonding curve.

In the future, holders of a certain amount of XOR could become citizens and members of the SORA Parliament.

XOR is used:

More about SORA tokenomics.

XOR Token Supply

The XOR supply is elastically managed by a token bonding curve smart contract with buy and sell price functions. This means that as the token supply increases, the price also increases, and vice versa. The price is regulated by the bonding curve, so no extreme fluctuations in the price will be exhibited, but rather a smooth growth or decline.


The token bonding curve management assumes the reserves are filled with either ETH, DAI or TBCD. Currently the reserves are not full.

When the SORA v2 network launched in April 2021, the XOR supply was 350,000 XOR.

XOR Token Distribution

Fair distribution: when the SORA v2 network launched, 350,000 XOR were put on Uniswap, and then people bought more XOR over time.

XOR Top Holders

When looking at the top holders on Subscan, several of those addresses are technical accounts supporting the whole network.

The table below lists the technical accounts holding XOR and additional addresses corresponding to Polkaswap reward accounts. This list will be receiving ongoing updates to ensure accuracy.

cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7m6B1ToDe2qJbdz7aQw8F3W1CK Smart contract of the Ethereum bridge
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7o32AxA6oQU4AzkUMnmMwM6Tk7XOR-PSWAP pool
cnU7pnMDygCSPrAX2CKnorQBfMZ2cujWqFpPKvGJoX7bRT9cxJP Games loan
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7f4sMKaWQF583on92JL48B9kjq XOR-VAL pool
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7fuxWZxsAP6HA1UauiMxyJ4Wmp XOR-DAI pool
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7jT6zmAjZB72t6j7HHmgtiMKgB XOR-ETH pool
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7easBTbiFMQUUwfLf9LX66ND8uTBC Rewards
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7fJT4Awahg1d8aoYoGGv2ATz7mMarket Maker Rewards
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7kr72qNfcUDvqPxUdw4h2A5axXFarming Rewards
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7iW5aLF24hi1k1H4t3L49TzhPePre-Launch PSWAP and VAL Reserve Account
cnTQ1kbv7PBNNQrEb1tZpmK7ftiv4yCCpUQy1J2y7Y54TaiawPSWAP Distribution for Liquidity Providers

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