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Palmatrix Overview


Palmatrix is a product of the Coconut Institute, which focuses on researching and developing innovative business models and decentralized technologies. The Coconut Institute aims to help as many people, both professionals and non-professionals, as possible engage with decentralized concepts. Thus, we are bound to curate course learning methods, implement solutions, and test directly in the real world with active users. Partnering up with all levels of governmental organizations (education, ministry, etc.) offers the best practices from the field, which are also implemented in the financial institutional space with Palmatrix technology, e.g., FIMA Crypto (EU, since 2020).

The Palmatrix vision is to help crypto / digital asset markets grow by assisting financial institutions to enter the space. We strive to bridge the DEX and CEX markets. Currently, we do it by equipping financial institutions with Smart Order Routing (100+ crypto exchanges), Asset Management application (manage crypto for others), Exchange application (exchange for end users, managers, payment systems, etc.), Exchange infrastructure (token listing), and Digital Asset payment infrastructure. Our unique proposal is that all technology for B2B is set up within traditional regulatory proportions.

Palmatrix submitted RFP 80 to bridge Polkaswap to the Palmatrix platform and implement connectivity to the Palmabot.


The Palmatrix builder team consists of;

Open Proposals

The Palmatrix team has submitted the following RFP to become part of the SORA Builders Programme;

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