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Identities on Substrate-Based Networks


  • You can set an on-chain identity to make it easier for others to recognize your address.
  • As a Validator, it adds extra confidence to Nominators if they know your on-chain identity.
  • This tutorial will help you set up an on-chain identity and request a judgement to your identity (as a trusted or verified entity on the SORA network)

Via PolkadotJS UI

Register an Identity


  • A SORA account (Follow the Account Creation tutorial if you don't have one)
  • ~5600 XOR to pay network and registrar fee
  • 5 XSTUSD as a donation to the community funds

Follow these steps to set up an identity:

1. Go to the Polkadot JS Apps pointing at the Sora Mainnet account's tab:

2. Click on the hamburger menu icon on the account you wish to register an identity for. Then select "Set on-chain identity":

3. Register your Identity and click on "Set Identity" when finished.


Please note that you will have to pay a small XOR transaction fee for signing.

Once the transaction is completed your account will show an identity!

Requesting Identity Judgment

Once you have finished following all the steps outlined in the Register an identity section, you can request an additional verification to obtain a prominent green checkmark next to your account name. This verification serves as an indication that you are a recognized and verified user, allowing others to easily identify and trust your account.

1. Request judgement from a registrar on polkadot.js.

Using the account you wish to verify, go under the Developer tab and follow these steps:

  • Click Extrinsics.

  • Select Identity and requestJudgement.

  • Under regIndex, place 1 (reg_index = 0 is no longer active). Registrar 1 has a fee of 5000 XOR.

  • Submit the transaction.

2. Donate to Community Marketing Funds address.

Donate a minimum of 5 XSTUSD per account requesting judgement to the Community Marketing Funds address (cnSN9X2HNU3uYjRbGvTwpgUdtVDuNk1g29XkcQNoNBQxgt1ii). The funds from this community wallet are used for SORA marketing.

3. Contact the registrar directly. You can find their contact info in their profile.

Social media/messaging platformIdentifier

4. Verify your identity.

You will need to prove that the information on-chain is legitimate. Each registrar will have their own set of procedures to verify your identity and values, and only once you've satisfied their requirements will the process continue.


You can freely change any values during the judgement process until you are verified. However, changing the value of even a single field after you've been verified will un-verify your account and you will need to start the judgement process anew.

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