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Ceres Tools

Ceres Tools is a platform supported by the SORA community which displays data from the Polkaswap DEX. Users can track token prices, liquidity pairs and pool details, wallets, portfolios, swaps, charts, volumes, etc. The platform is also available as a mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems.


Token prices listed on Polkaswap, their asset IDs, token locks, and token holders are displayed in the Tokens section.


The pairs section shows liquidity, 24 hour volume, and pool details for each trading pair as well as total liquidity, total 24-hour volume on Polkaswap, and details about liquidity locks. In this section, users can also check Deposit/Withdrawal liquidity events and liquidity change history for each pair.


The farming section details all farming and staking on SORA in one place. Users can check Demeter, Hermes, and PSWAP farming/staking.

Burning Tracker

In this section, users can track PSWAP and VAL burning.

Charts & Swaps

In the Charts part of the section, users can track the token price movement listed on Polkaswap, as well as perform a Technical Analysis using various indicators. In the Swaps part of the section, users can track swaps (buys and sells) for each token on Ceres Tools.


The portfolio feature allows users to track a wallets holdings, staking, rewards, liquidity, swaps, and transfers. Users can also monitor the portfolio's movement in 1h, 24-hour, 7-day and 30-day intervals.

TBC Reserves

Users can track the SORA TBC (Token Bonding Curve) reserves in this section.