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Build on SORA


Bring your blockchain projects to life with the support of the SORA Builders Programme. Whether starting from scratch or looking to port an existing project, we provide incubation, development support, and, in some cases, financial backing to help your ideas flourish.

By building on SORA, you're stepping into a vibrant community eager to evolve the world's economic landscape through unique innovations and ideas. Together, we're not just building projects but shaping the economy's future.

What Do You Get?

  • Project Incubation: Benefit from comprehensive development support and incubation for projects starting from scratch.
  • Porting Assistance: Get mentorship to migrate existing projects to the SORA network.
  • Financial Backing: In some cases, receive financial support to develop and deploy new projects.

What Can You Buidl on SORA?

  • Decentralised P2P crypto - FIAT exchange.
  • Stablecoin borrowing.
  • Asset tokenization.
  • Loyalty program tokenization (travel).
  • Online shopping/marketplaces.
  • Real estate tokenisation.
  • Payroll management.
  • CBDC, debt instrument.
  • Land registry.
  • Sustainability.
  • Supply chain tracing.


This section contains information about:

  • The SORA Builders Programme: A developer programme aimed at onboarding and incubating projects looking to build on the SORA network
  • Social Insurance for SII: An insurance provided by the SORA community, through SORA governance for systemically important infrastructure
  • Pallets: While EVM uses smart contracts, Substrate-based networks use pallets
  • Technical stack: Built on Parity Substrate, the SORA network can be both a standalone chain, as well as Polkadot or Kusama parachains
  • Consensus: Nominated Proof of Stake is the algorithm used to validate blocks on SORA
  • Polkaswap and Ceres, the current SORA Builders.