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SORA Builders Programme

Decentralized Development at its Best

SORA is a truly decentralized movement, run by the community and for the community. Everyone is encouraged to actively participate in the development and constant improvement of the network. An example of this is the RFP development process, a program that allows users to submit requests for new features, and subsequently, proposals themselves to add new functions and to the network. Some successful merged proposals include the XSTUSD stablecoin, Kensetsu and the Referral Program.

The SORA Builders Programme is now launching to take the power of decentralization even further, and aid the community to make all their great ideas and suggestions to improve the network a reality.

The Two Modalities of the SORA Builders Programme

The SORA Builders Programme is an extension of the SORA RFP program. The SORA Builders Programme branches out into two modalities, New Project (Incubation) and Existing Project (Port). As the names imply, this programme will support the implementation and development of new projects, as well as porting existing apps onto the SORA network.

Both new projects and ports can receive compensation in the form of XOR, as well as development support from the SORA community. Because effectively, time and development efforts are not free, and in order to uphold the community standards, not everyone who applies will be accepted by the programme.

It is also important to mention that depending on the value added by the project, it may also qualify for Social Insurance, however, there will be required due diligence and the project will have to prove systematic importance to the community.

It is easy to ask wot and wen when it comes to development, but putting your RFP where your complaints are is not that simple to do. The community has no limitation to what is proposed, however, spam, CEX requests, and other off-topic requests will not be considered.

The Buidling Process

To join the SORA Builders Programme, please fill this form, then join the SORA Builders Telegram group.

The SORA Builders Programme process is divided in four sections, Application, Review, Preparation, and Product Launch;

  1. Application - After you have submitted your proposal, it will be reviewed internally and you will be invited to talk to the developers, if it is a match, the process will continue. 48 hr.
  2. Review - A review process with an NDA and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to begin building will take place. This will result in a formal agreement to become a SORA Builder. This process takes approximately one month.
  3. Preparation - The builder submits an RFP which contains all the basic information about what is to be built and the milestones of development. An AMA will be held where the SORA community can ask the builders any questions they have regarding the project. If the community is satisfied with the answers, the governance proposal to fund the builders will begin. This process takes approximately two months.


In this phase, the builder will also be expected to get to work producing their code and subsequently, release it for public testing for the community and contributors to provide feedback and insights on how to improve.

  • Milestones: Funding support provided by the SORA Builders Programme is subject to the completion of milestones presented within the proposal.


The proposals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Subject to agreement and the scope of delivery, funding could happen before, during, or after milestones are delivered, and it is even possible for no funding to be provided.

  • Developer Support: Depending on the milestones, your team can request support from the developers to help porting or building their project within the SORA network.
  1. Launch Once testing has successfully concluded and the project is LIVE on the SORA network, a business growth strategy will be ideated along with the buidler to make sure their work reaches their target audience.
  • Co-Marketing: Part of the support provided from the SORA Builder's Programme includes amplification of the project in the SORA Ecosystem Updates and on SORA social media channels.

Graduating as a Buidler

Once your project is live on SORA, you will be part of the elite SORA Builders Graduates. This doesn't mean that the support provided will be over. You can still reach out to the tech team for any support required.

Additionally, if your project qualifies and you chose to sign up for Social Insurance for Systemically Important Infrastructure , the governance of your app will be delegated to the SORA Parliament.

You can take a look at the work of other SORA Builders such as Ceres and Polkaswap.

Time to #Buidl

The fate of the SORA network lies in the hands of its users! SORA governance does not limit the use of the network to the desires of one entity, but rather, it empowers users and community members to improve the network as much as they want through the implementation of programs like RFP submissions and the SORA Builders Programme. Progress from both these initiatives will be reported in the fortnightly Ecosystem Updates, and all the submissions, as well as RFP and merged implementations, are publicly accessible in the SORA RFP Github Repository which ensures that full transparency and decentralized practices are always upheld.

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