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SORA Governance

SORA governance is still in development. The current version uses Polkadot v1 Governance.


To vote in SORA governance proposals, follow the SORA Governance Tutorial.

The SORA Parliament is the governance system for the SORA network, its main task is to allocate newly minted XOR to productive projects. By combining decentralized governance and capital allocation, the SORA Parliament can create a digital government that can work to make our world, and other worlds better, without intruding on individual liberties.

The SORA Parliament utilizes Supranational Global Governance. This method has clear separation between propositioning, decision making, and rule making. There is no president or prime minister in this system, rather the rules of the system itself are the leader and all participants collaborate together as equal peers, making and reviewing proposals. It will have multiple bodies with a clear separation of powers and where the members (Citizens) are chosen randomly. It is built around these three main concepts, the same that grounded democracy in Athens:

  • Isonomia: the principle that everyone who is a citizen has political equality
  • Isegoria: the right of all citizens to speak and contribute
  • Sortition: randomly choosing groups of citizens to make decisions

Check out this Medium article to find more about the Parliament and the governance bodies.

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